Source : Wikipedia.

NSL experienced delay for second time this week

Commuters took to social media, complaining that North-South Line is experiencing delay during peak hours for the second time this week (1 November).

Some complained for the delay along red line, saying that there are three minutes delay on every station towards Jurong East.

Some complained that there were no official statements from SMRT.

Some noted that there is a train fault at Bishan.

Mr David Lee wrote that the announcement was made five minutes after the delay occurred.

He stated that though the announcement mentioned a five minutes delay, however, the delay was approximately ten minutes.

Some stated that there was track fault at City Hall, asking SMRT to make the announcement.

Mr Blue Moose stated that the train down at Marina Bay.

Mr Andrew wrote that the train has been stuck at Orchard Station for ten minutes.

Mr Soh Koh Kong wrote that the train got stuck at Somerset.

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