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Sports Hub heads must roll

By Kannan Raj

The Singapore Sports Hub cemented its reputation as being a national embarrassment on National Day 2016.

During the pledge taking towards the end of the parade, the projection of the Singapore national flag on the dome did not light up.
In response to queries by the Straits Times, the organisers of the National Day Parade have stated that they are investigating the cause of the failure of the flag to light up the dome.
For the first ever NDP at the new National Stadium, this was surely nothing short of a monumental embarrassment of epic proportions.
As a public-private partnership, the SportsHub comes under the stewardship of Sport Singapore and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.
After yet another cock-up, surely heads will have to roll?
Question is whose?
Should it be the Minister in charge, the CEO of Sport Singapore whom the Sports Hub reports to, or the CEO of the Sport Hub?
Since the opening of the Sports Hub, the project has been beset with issues after issues. From a poor pitch to a leaky roof, the project has been under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.
The Sports Hub also initially wanted to charge the NDP organisers a whopping $26 million for staging the NDP at the National Stadium.
Surely there is enough reason now for the NDP organisers to withhold payment for the failure of the national flag to show up on the dome on the one day when it mattered most.
And surely it is time for the government to act and after the National Day shenanigans, there needs to be complete accountability from MCCY, Sport Singapore and the Sports Hub over the matter.