Daily Archives: 2016-01-07

Three charged for murder of American stuntman

14 individuals (11 male and three female) have been apprehended by the police for the death of American stuntman, John Denley Nelson, 30. Three were charged with murder this morning while the rest have been charged for rioting. Nelson had been working in Singapore as a stuntman under the company, Amphibian Stunts since six years ago in 2009. Nelson comes …

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HDB not given a carte blanche to look into AHTC’s affairs

Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), run by the Workers’ Party, issued a statement on Thursday afternoon, saying that it “welcomes the Court’s rejection of the submission of the Attorney-General’s Chambers that AHTC’s conduct of its defence during the course of the hearings at the High Court and at the Court of Appeal was egregious and somehow improper.” The Attorney-General’s Chambers has …

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Taking out a loan on your insurance policy. Should you or should you not?

By Vinod Nair, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MoneySmart.sg: What does Singapore keep pumping money into year after year and still have something to show for it: Life insurance policies. Because long before you as the insured pass on and your family receives a lump sum of money as the beneficiary, you get to cash in on your life …

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Wham vs AG: Judge glares spotlight on the Police

By Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss The recently reported decision of Wham Kwok Han Jolavan v Attorney-General [1]  is intriguing in more ways than one. The case has received public attention for its clarification on the legal effects of police warnings – that they are “no more than an expressions of the opinion of the relevant authority that the recipient has committed an …

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Middle class woes in Singapore: Are they missing out on the slice of the pie?

By SY, Offbeat Perspectives During my internship last summer, a lady called in to ask about subsidies. She raised a point about middle-income families not being able afford tuition programs and not being able to qualify for subsidy schemes as well. This, later I realized she was referring to the sandwiched class – “… this group of Singaporeans do not qualify for …

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