Three charged for murder of American stuntman

14 individuals (11 male and three female) have been apprehended by the police for the death of American stuntman, John Denley Nelson, 30. Three were charged with murder this morning while the rest have been charged for rioting.

Nelson had been working in Singapore as a stuntman under the company, Amphibian Stunts since six years ago in 2009. Nelson comes from Michigan, United States and had been a stuntman at Seaworld in Gold Coast, Australia.

The incident is said to have taken place along Circular Road, Boat Quay at around 3 am on Christmas Eve (24 December).

According to Nelson’s friend who wrote on a fundraising campaign for him, Nelson and his friend were in a bar when a fight broke out.

17 individuals reportedly attacked Nelson along with seven other friends and Nelson was protecting a female friend when the fight broke out.

“When he saw a female friend from Universal Studios get punched in the face, he and his friend moved in to protect her as they could see there were more punches coming at her.  Not to fight, just to make sure she was safe and okay, like the gentlemen they are.

One of the assailants came from behind and sucker punched Nelson, and he lost consciousness before he fell and hit his head on the concrete kerb.  He suffered a traumatic head injury, with excessive swelling of the brain.”

Nelson was immediately sent to the hospital for his injury and remained unconscious for nine days before passing away on New Year’s day.

The police said in a statement yesterday that 14 individuals aged 20 to 40 years old were arrested, nine of which have been charged with rioting.

Four suspects were brought to court this morning to face charges. The three were said to have caused intentional harm to the deceased which led to his death, and, therefore, charged of the act of murder. The remaining suspect on the stand was  charged with rioting.

The arrested suspects are currently detained at Cantonment Police Station for further investigations. The case would be heard in court again on 14 January this month.

If convicted of murder, the punishment is death. The penalty for rioting if found guilty is imprisonment of no more than seven years and shall also be liable to caning.

A sum of USD$33,123 has been raised through a Gofundme campaign portal for the family of Nelson to help them with the costs incurred.