Daily Archives: 2015-06-14

On S377A and gay rights in Singapore

By Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh Sadness. I will once again not be in Singapore for this year’s Pink Dot celebration, scheduled for 5pm, June 28th at Hong Lim Park (see here). Aside from being our biggest civil demonstration, and looking like a rather fun party, of all the illiberal policies in Singapore, nothing offends my sensibilities more than the continued criminalisation of …

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Video of elderly cleaner at food court raises questions again

We have all seen them – the elderly folks who toil away at our food centres such as hawker centres, coffeeshops and food courts, cleaning tables, collecting dishes and sweeping floors. They have become such a ubiquitous feature that we hardly notice them anymore. But even so, sometimes certain situations we witness still raise questions about our society and how …

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Pink Dot packs Hong Lim Park once more

Describing Pink Dot as having had a “record turnout” is starting to become old hat, as organisers say 28,000 people joined in on the annual gay rights rally this year, breaking the record of 26,000 in 2014. Hong Lim Park was once again packed with pink-clad supporters from Singapore and overseas, although only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents were able to …

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