Daily Archives: 2015-01-04

When town council says “cat removal”, it means “cat culling”

“Will the cats in my neighbourhood be safe? That’s what I needed to know.” wrote Ann Summer in her post describing her 30 minute meeting with the Member of Parliament of her town council (Nee Soon South) about the supposed plans to remove cats from the neighourhood. The town council had earlier conducted a survey on whether residents agree or not …

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Comment by supposedly Filipino incur wrath from netizens

A screenshot of a comment made by “Edz Ello” has been making its way around the internet, causing much negative reaction from Singaporeans netizens towards it. Edz Ello, who is supposedly a Filipino wrote, “Now the Singaporeans are loosers in their own country, we take their jobs, their future, their women, and soon, we will evict all SG loosers out of …

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