Close to 3000 signatures for petition to stop removal of cats to their certain death

petition stop culling

Close to 3000 signatures have been garnered on the petition to stop plans to cull cats at Jalan Lengkok Sembawang.

According to the petition, it wrote,

“Dr Lee Bee Wah ( Lee Bee Wah ) a Member of Parliament in Singapore, has acted according to residents’ requests to have the community/ stray cats removed in the area of Jalan Lengkok Sembawang. Pest control will be activated soon. Apparently there was a survey done with the residents, and without the local Cat Welfare Society’s knowledge or collaboration.”

The town council had earlier created a survey to seek feedback from the residents with regards to the leftover cat food by cat feeders at the void decks and it also added that it receieved requests for the stray cats to be removed.

In the survey form it asked, “Do you agree to the stray cats to be removed?”

survey letter sembawang grc

Cat feeders and the cat welfare activists have already voiced concerns over the action of the town council as the Cat Welfare Society and the cat feeders were not informed of the survey.

Dr Lee said in response to questions by local media, “While a survey has been done, we intend to ask the Cat Welfare Society and a group of animal lovers to consider what possible solutions there are”. “A decision will be taken only after they look at the situation and make suggestions.”

Dr Lee in some of her subsequent communications with residents over their concerns of the town council’s plan has also said there was no mention of culling of cats.

However, the cat welfare groups and the cat feeders remain skeptical as they are not informed or involved in the town council’s operations, it is likely that the cats would be removed by the pest control companies or AVA. This would mean that the cats would be put to sleep within days without any one claiming/bailing them out.

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