Cuddles Cat Cafe up for sale, said cafe owner

cuddles cat cafe facebook
Cuddles Cat Cafe – Image: Cuddles Cat Cafe fanpage

Jonathan Tan, the owner of Cuddles Cat Cafe have announced that he will put his cafe up for sale, just one day into the supposed investigation by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of the alleged deaths of cats and complaints on the cat cafe.

Mr Tan wrote a post on the cafe’s official fanpage and sought forgiveness from the public over the news of the cat deaths under the care of the cafe.

“I am sincerely sorry for everything, and would like to express my upmost (sic) regret and remorse on the current situation,” said Mr Tan along with his apologies for the death of the seven cats, the purchasing of cats instead of adopting and the other matters such as employee training which have been raised in news and social media.

Mr Tan detailed down the circumstances surrounding the deaths of seven cats and said that he would do his very best to address each and every issue pertaining to Cuddles Cat Cafe and the gaps in his judgements.

Mr Tan said that he believes that in the best interest of the cats in the cafe, they should be kept together as a family under a new owner and therefore the cafe will be offered up for a business takeover.

Mr Tan assured the public that he would be screening the new owners very thoroughly and asked for interested parties to take up the business to drop the cafe a message.

However, the majority of the commenters on the fanpage are not appeased by Mr Tan’s apologies and the proposed follow up action.Clarence Cheung wrote, “If you have no love for the cats and simply using them to earn money without proper training given to the staff and closed link with appointed vets, you yourself is in fact doing more harm to the poor cats in addition using them as money tree…shame on you…”

Hu Shuying wrote, “On one hand I’m sorry that you have come under public fire and bled a lot of money and I sincerely believed that only a cat-lover would had made the decision to put in so much money on a cat cafe. But on the other hand, you really bitten off more than you could chew right from the start. I hope your story warns other people who may be considering jumping on the pet cafe bandwagon, to think thrice VERY carefully about the consequences. I know it’s a business and not a charity, but lives are lives.”

Dawn Hong questioned the business takeover. “Firstly, who will take over a business with a bad reputation, huge vet fees judging by your number of unwell cats, and large rental fee? Are you looking for a takeover so as to pay off your bank loans? Pur-lease. And if you do close down, I sincerely hope that you will surrender the cats to CWS for adoption. Please do not screen by yourself and ask for an exorbitant adoption fee. Judging by the ex-employees’ testimonies, you do not care enough to help clean the cats even, let alone trusting you to screen and adopt out properly.”

AVA has not issued an update of its investigations so far on the various allegations against Cuddles Cat Cafe.