Is Our Sorry Red Dot Sinking?

By Johnathan Li

When I wake up in the Morning, Feeling something’s heating,
I always feel like asking, Is Our Sorry Red Dot Sinking?
Why has this been happening, Yet everyone’s not feeling,
Sick of no one bothering, Where’s this emotion boiling?

Going ten calendars running, Massive Problems sprouting,
Where’s the one that’s leading, Has he been doing something?
Tell you something horrifying, The leaders’ gone all missing,
When fissures come a-cracking, Yet they continue selling!

Trashies kept on coming, Talents kept on bailing,
Locals kept on squealing, Leaders kept on sleeping!
Stealers kept on plundering, Spinners kept on tricking,
Looters kept on earning, Laymen kept on draining.

Waters kept on flooding, Fire’s kept on burning,
Ethics kept on missing, Help’s kept on stuttering!
Mainstreams kept on lying, Pratas kept on flipping,
Devils kept on reigning, Sinkies kept on sinking!

When trains are always halting, And people stuck in waiting,
When profits keep on climbing, Our paychecks are still stagnating!
When the fabric starts tearing, And our lunches are up for stealing,
Yet the holders never stop profiting, Making our anger ever-burning!

While the trashies never stop arriving, And gets addicted to plundering.
For all the injustices we’re having, Too little comes a-calling!
While the people start opposing, Whities hell-bent on fixing,
Blatantly ignoring, A civil servant’s real calling!

The cancer keeps on spreading, A New Dark Era’s descending,
Red, White and Blue tapes’ blockading, and we’ll end up reaching nothing.
The sound of silence is deafening, To the plight of the weak sobbing,
Civil help is still trying, But can it really be everlasting?

The cries of the minority are resounding, But the Bigots are crazily scorning,
Equity is what they’re merely asking, Dignity is the goal they’re needing.
Our playing field needs overhauling, To get our true diversity returning,
But those with the power to do something, Are the real ones not even bothering!

The wealth gap never stops widening, Yet the policies are all blank-firing,
The pitchforks are itching for a marching, But all they know is give’em a death clobbering!
Our living costs never stop jacking, Yet no one wants to do the arresting,
As the tycoons are the ones gaining, From the poor blood they’re addicted to sucking!

The crisis is simply so sickening, Yet we’re out of ways to change anything,
With the Hell-Raisers bent on gatecrashing, All of our ways to improve on something!
So please stop all of this blind messing, Nor the doggy insults ever contributing,
We don’t wish the extremists to come feeding, Causing the innocents to die standing!

The fury continues progressing, Fuelling the Oppositions’ gaining,
Should’ve come as the waking, Yet they continue slumbering,
Only time they’re working, Is the moment of fixing,
Backyard’s stench is overwhelming, Yet they’re only smelling outside droppings!

What in our home is happening, Where will the buck be stopping,
When can we start building, A home of true calling?
When the time comes go voting, Remember the pain everlasting,
Make sure an avalanche is starting, To send all those Devils packing!

And when they are whacked a hiding, It’s time for us to take a standing,
Put our hearts and souls to building, A real home we can justify our living!
Real people will take over leading, With Heart, Soul and proper Upbringing,
True humanity that’s equally shining, In a reborn nation that’s ever-strengthening!

Note: This was inspired by a Malaysian “Pantun” during a rally in Kuala Lumpur. Here’s my own rendition of a prose that fits in with our own national problems.