[vimeo id=”112678406″ align=”center” mode=”normal”] Today marks the beginning of a television campaign with MediaCorp Artiste Zoe Tay, showing her support for AWARE’s Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC).
Two commercials, one in English and one in Mandarin, will be broadcast on Channel 5 and Channel U respectively from 25 November to 12 December. The television spots are generously supported by MediaCorp Cares as part of its community outreach programme.
“Sexual assault can happen to anyone,” Zoe Tay tells viewers. “But no one should have to suffer in silence.” The videos also give viewers information about the services offered by SACC, Singapore’s only specialist service for women who have faced sexual assault.
The launch date for the campaign, 25 November, is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the start of the international ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’, ending on Human Rights Day (10 December).
SACC is Singapore’s first and only specialist service supporting women who face sexual assault. To date, in 2014, 206 women have approached AWARE regarding sexual assault cases (144 since the launch of SACC in May). This is a marked increase over the 192 cases of sexual assault AWARE addressed in 2013.
“This generous move by MediaCorp and Zoe Tay will help AWARE reach many more women who could benefit from SACC’s services,” said Jolene Tan, AWARE’s Programmes and Communications Senior Manager. “Too often, victims of sexual assault, as well as their friends and family, don’t realise that help is available. This advertising campaign aims to change that.”
Expanding on AWARE’s previous Sexual Assault Befrienders Service, SACC features a drop-in centre with an on-site social worker who can assist clients immediately, (open Mon-Fri, 10am to 7pm), a helpline (6779 0282, Mon-Fri, 10am to midnight) and email support ([email protected]).
The SACC website (http://www.sacc.sg) provides up-to-date information about sexual assault for those who prefer to find out more in the privacy of their own web browser.
SACC also provides free legal advice by an experienced lawyer, therapeutic counselling by specialists and ‘befriender’ services – where a trained befriender accompanies clients to the police station, hospital or court, providing support through processes which can often be difficult.
These safe, free and confidential services have supported many women through their recovery after sexual assault. “I have been greatly helped by SACC and have told my friends about this, especially my female friends in case they experience the similar incidents as I”, said one SACC
“I really believe that if I had some help then, maybe I would have recovered sooner […] maybe I still wouldn’t be battling it 10 years on,” said another client.

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