Australian expat charged for assault on jazz singer


Australian expatriate, Aaron Jeremiejczyk, who was accused of punching local jazz musician Dawn Ho in March in Sentosa, has been charged for the alleged assault.

Mr Jeremiejczyk has claimed trial.

The alleged incident took place at the Beach Station in Sentosa at about 9.20pm on March 9 this year.

The Online Citizen reported the incident in March. (See here.)

According to her Facebook post about the alleged altercation, Ms Ho, 34,  was waiting for her band mates to pick her up from the taxi stand when she “witnessed an obnoxious guy and his friends hijack a (limousine) cab.” They then shouted at the driver “in the most demeaning way”, including calling him their “bitch”, says Ms Ho.

She then proceeded to confront Mr. Jeremiejczyk. “I told him what he’s doing is not cool and he didn’t have the right to talk to people like that.”

At this point, Ms Ho claimed that Mr Jeremiejczykr started verbally abusing her with vulgarities and begun chasing after her as she made her way back to her friend’s car. His female friend also got out of the limo cab and “tried to get violent with (her)”. She even used a “beer bottle she had in her hand”. Unfortunately, it landed on Ms Ho’s best friend’s nose while he was trying his best to stop the lady. Another band mate also got out of the car in an attempt to restrain Mr  Jeremiejczyk’s female friend.

While her friends were trying to stop the aggressive lady, Mr Jeremiejczykr took the chance to look for Ho (who was already sitting in the car) and suddenly “punched (her) in (her) face”, causing her nose to bleed.

Mr Jeremiejczyk was subsequently fired from his job after the incident came to light, but he has since found a new job.

He has also claimed trial.