Is the Prime Minister a good Politician? I say nay

By Muhammad Al Hakim

The Prime Minister’s Action to sue the now infamous Blogger, Roy Ngerng has gone terribly for the Prime Minister. It raises the question for many people, presumably within his own party itself; Is the Prime Minister a Capable Politician? 

The issues raised by Roy Ngerng is dormant yet important issue among Singaporeans, the CPF. And despite the rather questionable statements he has made regarding the issue that can be construed as false, He is reflecting widespread dissatisfaction over the current policies enacted by the Government of the day. 

An astute Politician, will sound out the mistakes, cut down the statements, clarify and ultimately make mince meat of it in parliament and/or the media. This is the usual norm in other democratic countries. It will take up the headlines for a few days, stir up emotions and that’s it. We will never hear of it again. Unless its election season. 

But The Prime Minister has decided to take legal action.

As Calvin Soh, the former vice chairman of Publicis Asia Pacific said: “It is a PR disaster of their own making”. This issue has now gone on for week with little to no signs of abating. Contrasting with The Prime Minister’s “smart move” The recent accomplishment of Roy Ngerng achiving his goal of $70,000 for his Legal defence need within Four days is a Public Relations coup for him, Solidifying his argument that Singaporeans are behind him. Not only that, this issue has effectively made him a public figure in Singapore, instead of an small blogger only known to the anti-establishment crowd. Instead of Ministers demolishing his statements, Nice and artistic pamphlets giving their side of the story and instead of tackling the issue head on, The Prime Minister has taken the lazy step of legal action and thus now he is suffering the consequences. 

What can be said of The Prime Minister? He may be a efficient administrator, but he has no mantle nor the iron of his Father, the Former Prime Minister. His father may have pioneered the notion of Prime Minister’s Suing people, I doubt he would have done so for this case when the risk of making a mountain out of a molehill turn into a potential nightmare, nor would he crush a man with legal papers without first killing off his ideas, and render him an enemy of Singapore.