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Did PAP film screening contravene Section 14 of Films Act?

“MDA received this Young PAP film for classification earlier this year,” the Straits Times reported a Media Development Authority (MDA) spokesperson as having said. The MDA had also decided that the video was not a “party political film”, which is illegal in Singapore. The spokesperson was referring to the Young PAP video – “Re-ignite the Passion of Servant Leadership” – which has been …

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ST report on Bukit Brown “concessions” erroneous: SHS

The following is from the Singapore Heritage Society’s Facebook page: On 12 May 2014, Straits Times Assistant Political Editor Leonard Lim wrote that civil society groups “extracted concessions on Bukit Brown cemetery” in his opinion piece “Can Civil Society Influence Politics?”. Read SHS and atBB’s full and unedited response to Lim below. (An edited version was published in ST’s Forum …

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Newsbites – NDP2014 for Singaporeans, Yale-NUS launches NGO bootcamp, and sports for free

NDP2014 to focus on Singaporeans This year’s national Day Parade will centre on getting Singaporeans actively involved in the celebrations. Themed “Our People, Our Home”, NDP2014 will include run-up activities such as outreach programmes for children, and a pre-parade carnival with games and entertainment. Students will also get to train with the Singapore Armed Forces’ Red Lions parachute team for a day. …

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Spot an attractive person on the train?

By Tiffany Gwee Have you ever seen someone that caught your eye on the train on the way back from work and wanted to share his picture with everyone else on the Internet? Well, with this website, you actually can send in his/her photo along with your ‘dirtiest fantasy’ of that stranger on the train you were ogling at.   …

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That YP video – missing the serious for the laughs

By Howard Lee Insipid, boring, scripted, stone-faced, wooden, emotionless, uninspiring, reading from a script, forced to do it, bad acting, are they even acting – those were some of the comments made online about the video produced by, and staring, members of Young PAP (or YP), the youth wing of the ruling People’s Action Party. The amount of derision (and …

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