Daily Archives: 2014-05-02

End discrimination in rental market, President & PM urged

The president of the Universal Society of Hinduism (USH), Rajan Zed, has called on Singapore’s President, Tony Tan, and Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, to “put an end to blatant discrimination reportedly prevalent in the rental housing market of Singapore.” In news reports carried by several India-based news outlets, Mr Rajan was reported to have said that “rental listings saying …

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Mayday Protest: Immigrant policies are prime reasons for labour woes

By Terry Xu Over 600 attended the May Day protest event held at Hong Lim Park on Labour Day, 1st May 2014. The event was organized by Transitioning.org, a local organization which helps locals who lost their jobs and are in need of help. The main emphasis of the speeches by the speakers is on immigrant policies which the speakers …

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Newsbites – rights for Singaporean workers, applauding the everyday working folk

Hong Lim Park protesters call for protection of Singaporean workers Protesters at Hong Lim Park yesterday spoke up against the government’s pro-foreigner policies and the high influx of foreign workers,  called for the protection of the rights of Singaporean workers. At the event organised by Gilbert Goh, speakers cited cases where Singaporeans have lost jobs to foreigners, particularly those who are professionals, …

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