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Household income disparity in the world’s most expensive city

By Terry Xu/ Singapore Rat Race It is noted that Singapore has been given the title of the world’s most expensive city through a survey in 2013 conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). We look back at the statistics on the Household Income Trends report 2013 released by the Singapore’s Department of Statistic on 18th February 2014. (link) A noticeable difference between the …

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Avant Theatre presents ‘FOURPLAY’

Avant Theatre Press Release Avant Theatre strives to provide each artiste with opportunities to continually develop their artistic skills in an open, holistic, challenging and supportive multi-disciplinary learning environment. Through this, Avant Theatre & Language will prepare them to play an active and responsible role as global artistic citizens in a multicultural world and the artistic industry. In doing so, …

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Who pays? Not the maid, please

By Facebook page of A Maid’s Eye view of Singapore employers A young lady from Myanmar working in her mother’s maid agency in Myanmar wrote to the facebook fanpage after she read an article on New Paper, “When maids want out who pays?“. The following story is about herself and her mom who worked as a maid in Singapore. ______________ I …

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The Internet and the Culture of Public Lynching

By Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir The Internet takes on an important function in maturing democracies with an under-developed civil society. Citizens see the cyberspace as an important avenue to perform checks and balances. This have led some to call for a rethinking of the rules of engagement. A couple of years ago, Singapore’s Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts called for …

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EIU survey 2013 : Singapore clinches title for world’s most expensive city

Climbing up 5 positions up the chart, Singapore has clinched the title of the world’s most expensive city in the 2013 survey conducted by Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU). The survey is based on a compilation of price information of more than 160 items-from food, toiletries and  clothing to domestic help, transport and utility bills in 131 cities. Other cities along …

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