SDP sends healthcare plan to Medishield Life Review Committee

Secretary General Chee Soon Juan announced via the party's press release that the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has sent its alternative healthcare plan to the Medishield Life Review Committee (MLRC). Launched in 2012, the proposal entitled "The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For AllSingaporeans" was drawn up by the party's Heathcare Advisory Panel.

The proposal calls for a reform of the existing healthcare financing system to one that is universal, affordable and sustainable. It proposes a single-payer, national insurance system when the state assumes the major portion of the country's healthcare expenditure.

Referencing to PM Lee Hsien Loong's announcement during the National Day Rally speech in 2013 that contributions to Medisave will have to increase, the party asked if this meant Singaporeans will have to continue to shoulder the main bulk of the national healthcare expenditure with the increased contributions.

They added that the move to increase contributions to Medisave contrasts with the SDP's plan, an 87-page alternative proposal, which shifts the onus of paying for the country's healthcare expenses onto the government, a practice in line with other comparable European and Asian economies.

SDP states in their press release,

"Singapore is one of the few remaining countries where the healthcare system is not universal. Because of this, many in the poorer segment of society do not receive adequate medical care. For those who are afflicted with a catastrophic illness, their savings are often wiped out because of high medical bills."

By sending our healthcare plan to the MLRC, the SDP hopes to inject into the healthcare debate the need for a genuinely affordable system where healthcare is available to all regardless of one's station in life."One of the terms of reference of the MLRC is "to consult widely with the public and key stakeholders”. As such, the SDP looks forward to participating constructively in the consultation process and bringing a fresh and much-needed perspective to the topic."

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This entry was posted in Politics.