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The sad life of fatal traffic accident victim’s mother

Write up by Spore MGR Sultan The sad part of the lost life of Saktivel Kumaravel. Mother Rajaletchumi who lost her husband in year 2007. Who presently still working as a hard labour job. In southern part of India Puthukottai district, Seegambaram Area is where they reside. Mother Rajaletchumi has 3 children, Kumaravel 33, Ramesh 25, and a daughter Mageshwari. …

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I Could Have Stopped The Riot

By Gangasudhan As many of you might know, I was an officer with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for ten years and spent quite an amount of that time plying my trade in Little India. I left the force in 2005 for a several reasons, one of which was the way the SPF was turning out to be. With so much …

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NSP releases statement on riot in Little India

  The National Solidarity Party regrets the riot which occurred in the vicinity of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road on 8 December 2013. Whatever their grievances, the rioters’ actions broke the law and the rule of law must be respected by all, Singaporeans or not. The Party commends the manner in which the police, auxiliary and civil defence officers …

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