Unwilling to burden family, 95-year old samsui woman commits suicide.


UPDATED on 28 November 2013 with corrections to headlines and sub-text.

(Translated Article from Lian He Wan Bao)

Arrived in Singapore at the age of 18 years old. Admitted into hospital after a fall, unwilling to burden family, 95 year old Samsui Woman falls to her death.

95 year old grandmother who was once commemorated as a samsui woman, arrived in Singapore at the age of 18 years old, and worked 42 years in the occupation, tragically falls to her death.

Still remember the report that was made during September this year? 95 year old grandmother falls to her death, as she is unwilling to burden her family after being admitted to hospital.

Two months after the incident, Lian He Wan Bao got to know that this grandmother is the samsui woman, Lu Dai Hao whom Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong commemorated in the short clip shown in the 2007 national day celebrations.

Lu Dai Hao have been actively at work all her life, came to Singapore from Canton South at the age of 17 years old, became a samsui woman after getting married, and carried bricks and sand for 42 years in the construction sites.

After retirement, she helped families to tend to their kids, worked as an assistant in coffee shop, odd job supervisor for 20 over years till the point where her children dissuaded her from working over concern about her safely and finally got her retirement.

And even though this grandmother wasn’t working anymore, she couldn’t keep still and took buses to go around Singapore.

No complains in life

No one could expect how such a lively old folk could choose to end her own life.

According to her children, the trigger to this tragedy was her 3 week hospitalization in July after a fall in her home.

Daughter, Feng Lun Ping (50, accountant) sighed and said, “My mother worked as a samsui woman for 40 over years with not even one word of complaint.

She did everything that there is for the family without complain, and the choice to take this path at the age of 95 years old was also for the sake of her family.

Ultimately, my mother just didn’t want to burden her children!”

Lu Dai Hao passed away on 11th September 5.32pm, she lived at Redhill Road block 77A when she was still alive.