Daily Archives: 2012-03-21

Labour Market report: Income dropped – 0.7%?

~by: Leong Sze Hian~ I refer to the Labour Market 2011 report released on 15 March. 2011 (see HERE). It states that “Weighed down by higher inflation in 2011, the real average (mean) earnings rose by only 0.7%”. Since I understand that the data includes employer CPF contributions for employees, what is the real increase, excluding the employer CPF contributions? …

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Common identity in the wake of constant development

~by: Ghui~ Comments that there is no common identity amongst Singaporeans or that Singaporeans are not patriotic enough are not new. A lack of national unity has been blamed on the influx of foreigners, foreign athletes “imported” by the government to don our national colours at sports meets, the identity card which segregates us by our ethnic races as opposed …

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Call for moratorium over plans for Bukit Brown

the following is a media release by Community for Bukit Brown: The community of concerned groups over the future of Bukit Brown is formally calling for a moratorium on all plans for Bukit Brown. This moratorium should be in place until there is clarity over long-term plans for the area and discussions over alternatives have been exhausted. Given on-going national …

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How to deal with rising health care cost – Part II

~By: Tan Kin Lian~ In part I, Tan Kin Lian explored about the inadequancy of insurance to meet our healthcare needs and listed several reasons for it [here]. In part II, he will explore the alternatives to health insurance.  What is the alternative for a person who is not able to get insurance for health insurance or prefers to be self-insured? …

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