Daily Archives: 2011-04-21

WP’s new candidates want to work towards Govt accountability

Ko Siew Huey / The Worker’s Party (WP) introduced its second batch of four candidates on Thursday All four reiterated a common vision that motivated them to stand for elections – to build a political system with an effective mechanism of checks and balances that would hold the government accountable to its people. The four candidates are Angela Oon Kheng Faye, …

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Voters are left wondering about PAP manifesto

Andrew Loh Senior members of the People’s Action Party (PAP) have been calling on Singaporeans to scrutinise the manifestos of the opposition parties. Mr Wong Kan Seng, in particular, had urged voters to “drill down to the details as to what exactly do they mean by their specific recommendations.” Mr Wong, who is also the 1st Assistant Secretary General of …

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TOC Blog Feature: Deadlock bogeyman

Excerpts from Yawning Bread: Chua’s point that opposition parties should not be “antagonistic” (he refers to such as “western-style”) is just unthinking subservience, revealing no understanding of what democracy is about. He has no trust at all in the contest of ideas as an engine of development. Furthermore, his remarks reveal his perspective as that of a subject looking up …

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Mother-to-be ponders on General Election

Julian Lim I’m a post-65er. My generation is known as the one that didn’t have to suffer. We grew up in a meritocratic society, went through the education system, and are lucky enough to enter working life in a country that is prosperous and well-organised. Fast forward to 2011. Soon a mother-to-be, I have just started to learn about my …

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Reform Party likely to contest only in West Coast GRC

Move made in the interest of “opposition unity” In a surprise move, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s Reform Party (RP) looks likely to contest only in West Coast GRC after dropping its’ claim to Radin Mas and Pioneer SMCs and Choa Chu Kang GRC. Mr Jeyaretnam had previously been thought to be keen on running in either Radin Mas SMC or Pioneer …

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