Reform Party likely to contest only in West Coast GRC

Move made in the interest of “opposition unity”

In a surprise move, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s Reform Party (RP) looks likely to contest only in West Coast GRC after dropping its’ claim to Radin Mas and Pioneer SMCs and Choa Chu Kang GRC.

Mr Jeyaretnam had previously been thought to be keen on running in either Radin Mas SMC or Pioneer SMC.

Mr Jeyaretnam’s pullout from contesting the other seats was made “in the name of opposition unity”.

The slate he will be running on will include:

Mr Frankie Low, 51, on loan from the Singapore People’s Party (SPP). Mr Low has a diploma in Marketing from Stamford College in the UK, as well as a diploma in Interior Design from a local art school in Singapore. According to the Reform Party website, Mr Low works in the signage fabrication business, and has made signages for prestigious projects like the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Mr Andy Zhu, 29, the Chairman of the RP. His online bio-data notes that he works as a real estate agent holding the position of “Senior District Manager”. He is noted to have been educated in “local education institutions” and is described as “a sociable person”.

Mr Kumar Appavoo, 42, a director of a construction and trading business with a diploma from building in Singapore Polytechnic. Kumar is described as an ex-civil servant and a previous president of the Singapore Government Cooperative Society.

Ms Ho Soak Harn, 29, the Head of the RP’s Women’s Wing, attended National Junior College for her ‘A’ Levels and was a member of the national swim team. She studied on a private scholarship in Missouri and graduated with Summa Cum Laude Honours from her university. She later completed her Masters degree in Economics from Northern Illinois University.

Ms Ho worked in Chicago with as a Senior Associate doing marketing at a credit card issuer before joining the Ministry of Finance in 2009. She currently works in the direct marketing industry.


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