TOC Blog Feature: Deadlock bogeyman

Excerpts from Yawning Bread:

Chua’s point that opposition parties should not be “antagonistic” (he refers to such as “western-style”) is just unthinking subservience, revealing no understanding of what democracy is about. He has no trust at all in the contest of ideas as an engine of development. Furthermore, his remarks reveal his perspective as that of a subject looking up to a monarch — a point I raised in the recent article Electing movers of pleas. He merely wants opposition parties to timidly proffer suggestions to help the king refine his policies, always settling for second-best in an unchanging order under heaven.

While Chua may be misguided, Rajah is so slick, she is dangerous. Did you notice the statement, “Policies which would benefit the people cannot get passed”?

Hold on a minute. Do all government policies and proposed laws “benefit the people”?

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