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PAP 2006 election manifesto promise – success or failure?

The following article was published on 2 Novermber 2010. With the release of the PAP election manifesto 2011, we thought it’s a good time to re-post this article. Andrew Loh / Leong Sze Hian In its 2006 General Election manifesto, the People’s Action Party (PAP) outlined, in rather brief details, its plans for the nation the next five years. The …

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PAP introduces 5-year old candidate!

Meena Curren In a bewildering development, the PAP included in its final introduction of new PAP candidates, a 5-year old toddler from PCF Moulmein Childcare Centre who also resides nearby in a 4-four room HDB flat with his parents and two older siblings. MP Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim carried little Jimmy Loh Kat Teck, proudly placed him on his knee and …

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Why cry over spilt milk?

Dr Wong Wee Nam Mr Lim Boon Heng, the  Minister without Portfolio and Chairman of the People’s Action cried. Many saw it on TV and many others saw it on the internet. He was introducing another batch of PAP candidates when one reporter asked if there was a potential group-think in the type of candidates that the PAP had chosen …

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TOC Blog Feature: Heart of the housing issue – cost of land

From Singapore Mind: To watch Minister Tharman say that Singaporeans have it good, homes are easily affordable….better than all other developed countries just add to the frustration of Singaporeans coping with the high cost of housing. I’m sure regular readers of this blog can pick out the flaws in Tharman’s argument easily but for those are having trouble figuring it …

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