Babies cannot drink on MRT trains?!

From Siew Kum Hong’s blog:

The clip showed an SMRT inspector asking at least two different adults, each with a baby or toddler in a pram who was suckling from a milk bottle (although one of them appeared to be drinking water not milk), to essentially cease and desist. In fact, the inspector was asking at least one of them to get off the train and go with him to the station staff room, where the baby could drink “in comfort”.


Come on. Surely that has got to be absolutely ridiculous and uncalled-for. First, you are talking about babies and toddlers drinking out of milk bottles — the risk of leakage or spillage is pretty low. Second, you are asking them to get off the train to go with you to your staff room, just so their babies and toddlers can drink — that’s got to take at least 30 minutes, if not more! Third, well, you are talking about babies and toddlers!

Read Kum Hong’s blog for the full article.

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