Illegal hawker? My story (by Goh Meng Seng)

From Goh Meng Seng’s blog, Singapore Alternatives:

There is nothing shameful to admit that I was also an illegal hawker since I was 5 years old, helping my parents to mend our temporary “stall” or going around the flats to sell their lasi lemak, ottah kwei and bee hoon. I am the youngest and thus I have to help out in the morning before I go to school. I spent most of my holidays hawking these food “illegally”. If there is anything PAP or ISD want to dig, this is the ONLY DIRT they could find about me, a young illegal hawker at the age of 5 till 11.

They have to wake up 3am in the morning to prepare all the food for sales to the morning working crowd.They have made a name for themselves in the neighbourhood for selling the delicious nasi lemak and dumplings. Pre-orders for dumplings during the festive season were in the tens and hundreds.


It is now NEA trying to curtail our political activism on the ground by issuing such silly summon of “illegal hawking”. Choosing between becoming a totally law abiding of silly law which make us politically inactive and being an effective political party actively engaging the ground but risks being summoned as “illegal hawkers” by NEA, I would choose the later. I am not here to make NSP just a flower vase of PAP’s farce pseudo Democracy. I am here to make NSP an effective party that would actively challenge and put proper checks and balances on PAP’s dominance of power.

This is not only about the survival of NSP or any other opposition parties alone. It is about the sustainability of the healthy political development for Singapore. If there is a small price to be paid as being insulted as “illegal hawkers” by the unreasonable PAP’s rule, so be it.

Read the full article on Goh Meng Seng’s blog here: Singapore Alternatives.

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