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TOC asks for civil and respectful discourse

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          Vulgarities – in any language, whether colloquial or slang.

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          Racially offensive remarks or language.

          Religiously insensitive or provocative remarks or language.

          Handles, nicknames which contain vulgarity – in whatever form, in whatever language, slang or colloquial.

          Comments which has nothing to do with the issue/s or the articles under which the comments are posted. 

          Comments which contain inappropriate hyperlinks or are deemed distasteful.

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Comments which are deemed to have infringed any of the above will be disallowed in its entirety. That is, should a comment infringe any of the above, the entire comment will be disallowed. TOC will no longer edit comments, or particular words or sentences.

Our hope is that a civil, meaningful and respectful discourse can be had by all for discussion and debate. We will not be a platform for anyone who wishes to use it for any other purpose/s.

We ask for your understanding.

Thank you.


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