TOC now has a logo

After three years, The Online Citizen finally has a logo.

We conducted two online polls on our website in January with a total of 35 logos submitted by our readers. The first poll went smoothly with a total vote count of 302. (See here)

Logos 3 and 9 emerged as the top two favourites among our readers in this first poll.

The second poll, which asked readers to vote on the top 10 logos from the first poll, however, was interrupted by the DDoS attacks which we experienced. The interruption lasted almost a month.

We then decided to hold the voting on our Facebook page instead – with just the top two logos.

The poll was conducted from 1 to 7 February.

The results of this poll are :

We thus hereby declare that the original Logo 9 (extreme right)  is the winner of our poll for a TOC logo.

Logo 9 is designed by Jeremy Philemon.

We will be presenting Jeremy with a S$100 Kinokuniya Gift voucher as a token of appreciation.

We will present the designer of the second-placed Logo 3,  Han Thon , with a $50 Kinokuniya Gift voucher as appreciation for his contribution.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who took the time to design and submit their logos for the poll.

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