TOC hosted a bbq gathering for our friends and members to thank them for their support and contribution in helping us achieve 1,000,000 hits a few months ago.
The evening saw more than 30 people turn up - a wonderful mix of people - from politicians to civil society activists to ordinary S'poreans who care about S'pore.

TOC hosts thank-you bbq

TOC celebrated our 1 million hits milestone by hosting a BBQ at East Coast Park for our friends and writers. More than 30 people dropped by to feast on chicken wings, sausages, beers and satay. The crowd was a great mix of individuals from across all affiliations and ages, and conversations and food lasted late into the night.

There were lively exchanges about the state of politics in Singapore (what else?), how Singapore society is changing, the future of the PAP government, and the roles of ordinary Singaporeans in creating the kind of Singapore that we want to see. And of course, several ideas and suggestions were made about how TOC can improve.

We thank everyone for taking the time to being part of this wonderful get-together.

For everyone who came, we hope you had a good time, and for those who didn’t, we hope you’ll be there at our next milestone outing!

The Editorial Team