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High cost of living – what the government can do

TOC is happy to welcome Mr Tan Kin Lian on board as the latest addition to our writing team. He is the former chief executive of NTUC Income, an insurance cooperative in Singapore. Lessons from the general election in Malaysia Tan Kin Lian The Malaysian general election held in March 2008 produced results that surprised not only the politicians but …

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Putting Singaporeans first – The Workers’ Party press release

The following is The Workers’ Party press release for May Day received by theonlinecitizen. Press Release (1st May 2008) Putting Singaporeans First The top down tripartite collaboration amongst the Government, employers and a pro-government labour union is a sure recipe for potential compromises for the Singaporean worker. Overall employment creation in Singapore for the whole of 2007 is 236,600, surpassing …

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The fat lady hasn’t sung

A primer on the possibility of a game-changing Pakatan Rakyat government in Malaysia. Sonia Randhawa TOC is happy to welcome Sonia onto the TOC team. She is TOC’s first Malaysian writer. She is also the former Executive Director for Malaysia‘s Centre for Independent Journalism. Fear has shaped the politics of Malaysia for a long time, at least since, and possibly …

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No voting NO: Burmese embassy staff contrive to disenfranchise voters

Selene Cheng Burmese national desperate to vote goes topless, but still no vote A sea of red greeted me as I made my way up the road to the Burmese embassy at St Martin’s Drive. Burmese lined both sides of the road, the rows of people in red standing three abreast along a pavement sporadically broken by blue uniformed policemen. …

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Breaking News: Burmese nationals throng embassy in S’pore

Developing news story Latest update: 15.50 hours A group of six Singapore Special Ops forces were seen moving up the slope of St Martin‘s in full riot gear. A contingent of female police officers were also seen. 15.14 hours Embassy staff slow voting to a trickle as almost 2500 Burmese throng embassy. TOC thanks all eyewitnesses for their continued updates …

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Minister and top management not to blame – PM Lee

Videos of PM Lee’s speech below. “I am satisfied that the Ministry has taken the correct remedial and disciplinary action, and that the Minister and top management were not to blamed (sic) for what has happened.” “We must admit our mistakes openly and honestly, put them right, and act against those who have been culpable. But the last thing we …

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