Separating fact from fiction – Addressing the allegations against theonlinecitizen

Theonlinecitizen (TOC) would like to address certain allegations which have been expressed against TOC in recent weeks.

Addressing the allegations (highlighted in bold font):


TOC is an anti-establishment, anti-PAP, anti-govt blog/website.

TOC is not an anti-establishment, anti-PAP, anti govt blog/website. Neither is TOC a pro-government, pro-PAP, pro-establishment blog/website. TOC endeavours to be a community of Singaporeans who care about Singapore enough to voice out views and issues which otherwise might not get aired. In this, we welcome and hope to include all views.


TOC is funded by the government or the People’s Action Party (PAP).

Neither TOC nor any of its members are funded by anyone from the government, government agencies, government officials, MPs, The People’s Action Party, opposition parties or any other organisations, local or otherwise – for their work on TOC. TOC has so far been funded by Andrew Loh alone – namely for the cost of registrating the domain name

TOC is hosted by which is free.

TOC does not pay anyone to write. All our writers/members are volunteers.


Choo Zheng Xi is paid by a PAP MP / government to write articles for or on TOC.

Zheng Xi is not paid to write articles for or on TOC on behalf of or by any PAP MPs, opposition MPs, or any other organisations or individuals – local or otherwise.

Choo Zheng Xi assists Mdm Ho Geok Choo, MP of Boon Lay Constituency, West Coast GRC, in gathering material for Parliamentary speeches and helps to write for the constituency newsletter, Boon Lay Diary. For his efforts in the past 5 months, he receives an honorarium of $500 monthly.

Zheng Xi is not a member of any government or grassroots organizations.


Choo Zheng Xi is a member of the Young PAP.

Zheng Xi is not a member of the Young PAP. Neither is he a member of the PAP itself.


Choo Zheng Xi is a member of the Youth Executive Committee (YEC) of the Buona Vista CCMC.

Zheng Xi was a member of the Buona Vista YEC – six years ago when he was 16 years old. Zheng Xi did not seek a second term in the YEC when his first expired in 2003. Zheng Xi is 22 and he no longer is a member of the YEC.

The misperception about Zheng Xi’s membership in the YEC could be from this website which details his profile in 2003. The profile is not updated to reflect Zheng Xi’s current non-member status of the YEC.


Ephraim Loy may be involved in editing and/or censoring articles on TOC which are critical of the PAP/government.

Ephraim is currently a student at the Singapore Management University. Due to his work commitment, his involvement in the day to day running of TOC has been limited.

Editorial duties are mainly handled by Andrew and Zheng Xi. Toon Joo, TOC’s other co-editor, is overseas currently.

Also, comments posted on TOC are either approved or disapproved for posting on TOC by Andrew and Zheng Xi.


Andrew Loh used to be a PAP member and now a WP Youth Leader.

Andrew is not and never has been a PAP member, nor is he a member of any government department/agency/organization.

Neither is he a “WP Youth Leader”.

He is an ordinary member of The Workers’ Party since January 2006, as has been clearly stated in TOC here. Andrew does not hold any appointments in any committees or groups in the WP. Neither is Andrew a member of the WP’s Youth Wing, which has been alleged.


Gerald Giam is a member of the Media Development Authority.

Gerald is a volunteer member of the Films Appeal Committee (FAC), one of the many committees under the MDA. Gerald has no editorial responsibilities on TOC and his opinions on TOC are expressed in his individual capacity.


TOC sent a lawyer’s letter to ‘Jasper’ demanding an apology and retraction of comments he posted on the blogsite Singabloodypore.

TOC did not send any lawyer’s letter to ‘Jasper’ or threatened him with legal action. Neither has TOC demanded an apology from him. TOC does not know who “Jasper” is.


We do not know the identity of the person/s who has/have been making the above allegations.

We thank our many readers who have been very supportive of our effort, including fellow bloggers who have written to us expressing their support. You have made TOC more recognisable than we could have hoped for and we thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

TOC will continue its work of voicing out issues of concern affecting Singaporeans.

We leave it to our readers to judge our work.

Choo Zheng Xi
Andrew Loh

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