Highlights from Parliament

Committee to study annuity scheme

A new committee will be set up to study the National Longevity Insurance Scheme, which is better known as “annuity”.

Manpower Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen said in Parliament that this committee will be chaired by National Wages Council Chairman Professor Lim Pin, and members will include academics, grassroots leaders, unions and non-governmental organisations.

The committee is expected to come up with a report in six months. (Channelnewsasia)

Higher CPF returns from next year

ALL CPF members will enjoy higher returns from next year… These include bigger Workfare income top-ups for older low-wage workers, and new bonuses tied to postponing the draw down on members’ CPF Minimum Sum. (AsiaOne)

Higher interest, better returns with CPF changes

The Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts (SMRA) will be pegged to the yield of the 10-year Singapore Government Securities (10Y SGS). (AsiaOne) l

Bond rates plus 1% = “risk free” CPF formula

It should be based on market returns for the same risk and duration that the SMRA monies stay in their accounts. It should be simple to understand, widely quoted and and have no currency risk. (TODAY)

Awol corporal triggers major review of SAF camp security

The Minister said the inquiry board concluded that although the SAF’s systems and procedures were generally adequate, there were three lapses that led to the Cpl Teo incident.

These were:

Weaknesses in the implementation and supervision of Guard Room procedures at Mandai Hill Camp that night.
– Weaknesses in the physical construction of Mandai Hill Camp also enabled CPL Teo to slip out without being detected.
– There was non-compliance with reporting procedures which require the quick reporting of all serious incidents, such as those involving missing arms and ammunition. (AsiaOne)

To fight crimes of the day, Penal Code to get more teeth

The changes, if passed by Parliament next month, will also give greater protection to security forces who may be forced to take drastic action in the line of duty, such as shooting a suicide bomber, or intercepting a hijacked vessel on a “suicide mission”. (TODAY)

Meanwhile, anal and oral sex will no longer be barred between consenting heterosexual behind closed doors, but the Government is not budging on its ban of such acts by homosexual men under Section 377A.

Oral, anal sex legal in Singapore

Under the city-state’s first major penal code amendments in 22 years, a section criminalising “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” would be repealed.

Illegal assembly

The revised penal code, still to be passed into law by parliament, also broadens the scope of an offence against unlawful assembly.

An assembly of five or more people would be illegal if the group’s common objective is to commit “any offence,” the Bill says, broadening the definition from mischief and trespass.
(Herald Sun)

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