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Put the gun down or pull the trigger

Case of Boh Zhuang Min was a good opportunity for AG to test S377A – but he did not. Ravi Philemon.

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Thio Li Ann’s response

I think certain Americans have to realise the fact that there are a diversity of views on the subject and it is not a settled matter; there is no universal

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Thio Li-Ann at center of controversy in New York University

Visiting professor at NYU, Thio Li-Ann, stirs controversy with her remarks on homosexuality.

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“It was an internal document,” says Education Minister, on Aware’s instructor’s guide

It was an internal document…internal documents are internal documents. If you don’t show them to MOE, we will not know

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Catherine Lim’s letter to parents on CSE programme

“In the foreseeable future, as more homosexuals come out into the open, the last vestiges of the old stigma against homosexuality will disappear altogether.”

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NCCS’ stand on Aware a “responsible” one, says DPM Wong

Tolerance and restraint by all racial and religious groups”only practical way” to pursue their faiths in peace.

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Bloggers’ maturity demonstrated in Aware saga

“If anything, it is the Straits Times that is less than responsible,” says Alex Au.

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