Tolerance and restraint by all racial and religious groups"only practical way" to pursue their faiths in peace.

NCCS’ stand on Aware a “responsible” one, says DPM Wong

Report from Channel NewsAsia:

SINGAPORE: Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng has welcomed the position taken by the National Council of Churches of Singapore, on the recent saga involving women’s group, AWARE. 

On Thursday, the umbrella Christian group issued a statement saying, among other things, that it did not condone the use of the pulpit to get involved in the controversy. 

Mr Wong, who is also Home Affairs Minister, said it was a “responsible” stand that will help prevent any misunderstanding that the churches are backing one side in the AWARE dispute, or that this is a dispute between Christians and other Singaporeans. 

He added that tolerance and restraint by all racial and religious groups is the “only practical way” for them to pursue their faiths in peace. 

AWARE is having an extraordinary general meeting at Suntec City Hall 402 on Saturday, 2 pm, following a “no confidence” call by the old committee, after a new committee took over recently.