"If anything, it is the Straits Times that is less than responsible," says Alex Au.

Bloggers’ maturity demonstrated in Aware saga

Excerpts from from Alex Au’s blog, Yawning Bread:

Now, about maturity in the blogosphere. Although the issue revolved around a militant Christian group seizing power over a secular organisation, the vast bulk of commentary have remained intelligent and sober -– and I would say this even of those comments that supported the new exco with opinions opposite to mine.

I noticed that The Online Citizen had to delete a number of readers’ comments, sometimes in response to other readers pointing out the offensive comments to editors, but that only showed community moderation at work.

If anything, it is the Straits Times that is less than responsible. It is not doing anything about online comments with no substance demonising gay people, such as these:

Ahkohahkoh (25 April 2009): All those gays in NUS, NTU and SMU should be locked up in prison, Changi prison. Fragment of screenshot.

Luvmibiz (25 April 2009): Why not ask the pro-lesbian group to a gay aware? Cannot? They have no right to start a gay society? Since it’s constitutionally illegal to practise lesbianism, then stop the bickering, you tofu women.Fragment of screenshot.

Charlllotte (25 April 2009): Gays are a deviant group. There are many gays in NUS, NTU and SMU. I am worried. Why aren’t they doing something about it? It is horrifying to find all these gays students in NUS, NTU and SMU. Gays are a deviant group. How can a mother feel safe to send her sons to NUS, NTU and SMU. Fragment of screenshot.

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