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SDP sends healthcare plan to Medishield Life Review Committee

SDP sends healthcare plan to Medishield Life Review Committee
January 06
18:18 2014

Secretary General Chee Soon Juan announced via the party’s press release that the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has sent its alternative healthcare plan to the Medishield Life Review Committee (MLRC). Launched in 2012, the proposal entitled “The SDP National Healthcare Plan: Caring For AllSingaporeans was drawn up by the party’s Heathcare Advisory Panel.

The proposal calls for a reform of the existing healthcare financing system to one that is universal, affordable and sustainable. It proposes a single-payer, national insurance system when the state assumes the major portion of the country’s healthcare expenditure.

Referencing to PM Lee Hsien Loong’s announcement during the National Day Rally speech in 2013 that contributions to Medisave will have to increase, the party asked if this meant Singaporeans will have to continue to shoulder the main bulk of the national healthcare expenditure with the increased contributions.

They added that the move to increase contributions to Medisave contrasts with the SDP’s plan, an 87-page alternative proposal, which shifts the onus of paying for the country’s healthcare expenses onto the government, a practice in line with other comparable European and Asian economies.

SDP states in their press release,

“Singapore is one of the few remaining countries where the healthcare system is not universal. Because of this, many in the poorer segment of society do not receive adequate medical care. For those who are afflicted with a catastrophic illness, their savings are often wiped out because of high medical bills.”

By sending our healthcare plan to the MLRC, the SDP hopes to inject into the healthcare debate the need for a genuinely affordable system where healthcare is available to all regardless of one’s station in life.”One of the terms of reference of the MLRC is “to consult widely with the public and key stakeholders”. As such, the SDP looks forward to participating constructively in the consultation process and bringing a fresh and much-needed perspective to the topic.”

  • BrownHorn

    21st Feb: Budget 2014 Day:

    2014 Budget. In summary, my wish list for the following to be provided in the Budget:

    A] set up a MediShield Life Fund with an initial funding of S$1 billion
    to shield those who have pre-existing medical conditions and those over
    90 years of age.

    Please do not
    mix the proposed MediShield Life with the other existing 3M systems as
    it would only cause more financial hardships and load more financial
    burdens on younger Singaporeans.

    The S$1 billion MediShield Life Fund should ‘self-insure’, that is:

    – to pay for those who are not insurable and those who are above 90
    years of age whenever they incur medical expenses in Govt class C wards
    [co-payment method by the person and the balance of the medical expenses
    to be paid from the S$1 billion MediShield Life Fund];

    – to
    allow those who wish to and can afford it, to pay part of the “insurance
    premium as a contribution to the pool” for them to have medical care in
    Govt Class B1 wards [higher amount of payment by the person by
    co-payment method and the balance to be paid from the $1 billion
    MediShield Life Fund].

    – to allow those who are not insurable
    and those who are above 90 years of age have their regular medical
    checkup/treatment and medicine at Govt clinics paid from the MediShield
    Life Fund.

    B] for the Pioneer Generation Package to honour the special generation who built today’s Singapore, please set up the PGP Fund:

    1] to give 21-night free Class C ward beds to Singaporeans who live
    pass 70 years of age. It should not be transferable, not encashable for
    cash and not allowed for upgrading to higher class wards.;

    to give GST rebates to all elderly Singaporeans above 70 years of age.
    Give each S$235 unconditionally [based on $3600 per year or $300 per
    month to cover for their basic daily necessities, re-grossed at 7% GST

    3] to install elevators at 60 overhead pedestrian bridges.

    Six overhead pedestrian bridges serving MRT stations have been
    identified, and installation of elevators works has commenced in second
    half of 2013.

    Please do not stop at six but increase it to 60.

    The elderly with stiff knees will welcome this care and concern from the Govt.

    C] increase the S$1 billion Community Silver Trust [which was set up
    in the 2011 Budget] by S$500 million this year, and set a target to
    increase this Trust to S$10 billion by 2030 and make it a national icon.

  • The_Pariah

    Good work ….. hope the PAP Govt will respond with facts and figures if they wanna shoot down SDP’s healthcare plan. More light, less heat.

  • Warum Soh

    “The SDP’s plan… shifts the onus of paying for the country’s healthcare expenses onto the government, a practice in line with other comparable European and Asian economies.”

    …yes, and the practice of the ‘other European and Asian’ economies is either to tax the citizens for the expenses and/or incur a budget deficit.

    But perhaps SDP thinks Nparks can cultivate money plants that really grows money on the branches.