A lighthearted poem to express frustration on MDA's regulations


By Amanda Tan


Now must license - why so leceh?
You gave us so little warning,
Almost came like a bolt of lightning!
There was no tipping point, you say.
Then why that magic figure of 50k?
But fair enough, 50k seems objective enough;
Unlike your definition of "news", which is full of fluff!
So broad it could encompass almost everything,
From CNA, to TOC, and maybe blogs about eating!
You say personal blogs will not be touched,
Then why not write it in the regulation if you so vouch?
So we ask, why now, and why the 10?
They are news sites you say, but I still don't understand.
Suddenly your criteria doesn't seem so objective anymore;
I wonder if that's against the rule of law.
Tomorrow at Hong Lim Park we speak as one,
Licensing the internet is as ridiculous as it sounds!
At the very least you can ask us what we think,
Article 14 is not in our Constitution for nothing!


The Online Citizen thanks Amanda for her kind contribution of this lovely and wonderfully written poem!

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