MEDIA ADVISORY – #FreeMyInternet protest at Speakers’ Corner, 8 June 4-7

MEDIA ADVISORY – #FreeMyInternet protest at Speakers’ Corner, 8 June 4-7

In advance of the protest by #FreeMyInternet at Speakers’ Corner (Hong Lim Park) tomorrow, 8 June from 4.00pm to 7.00pm, the following are some details.

List of speakers:

Visakan Veerasamy – 
Leong Sze Hian –
Jewel Philemon –
Roy Ngerng –
Choo Zheng Xi –
Biddy Low –
Richard Wan –
Donaldson Tan –
Damien Chng –
Ravi Philemon –

Speakers will not all be seated on stage – they will only take to the stage when it is their turn to speak. At other times, they will be mingling with the crowd, so feel free to interview any of them at any time.

Press conference:

We will be holding a press conference at the end of the event to discuss the #FreeMyInternetmovement and our next steps moving forward.

Crowd numbers:

For maximum crowd counting accuracy, #FreeMyInternet will have crowd counters on the ground covering different sectors of Hong Lim Park. We will release our initial count midway through the event at about 5.30pm. A final count will be released at the end of the event at about 7.00pm.

Please note that our crowd figures will take into account the total number of participants at Hong Lim Park for the duration of the event, as opposed to the maximum number of people present on the field at any one point in time.

#FreeMyInternet will have a photographer with a wide angle lens at a high vantage point to take aerial views of the crowd at intervals. We will be publishing these photos online at

For more information:

Howard Lee
Email – [email protected]

About #FreeMyInternet:
The #FreeMyInternet movement is founded by a collective of bloggers who are against the licensing requirements imposed by the Singapore government on 1 June 2013, which requires online news sites to put up a performance bond of S$50,000 and comply within 24 hours to remove content that is found to be in breach of content standards. The group believes this to be an attempt at censorship and an infringement on the rights of Singaporeans to access information online.