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Stories of elderly and poor Singaporeans – told by bloggers

Below is a collection of stories written by bloggers about poor, elderly Singaporeans. They are personal accounts of how some of our senior citizens and the poor live.   A Stranger, My Friend by Zyberzitizen: A cat nearby keeps him company, sometimes laying above his head as he sleeps quietly, oblivious to the cold or the warmth. The void deck …

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Public Transport: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9?

In light of the just-announced increase in transport fares (again), theonlinecitizen has decided to publish this series of letters which our writer Leong Sze Hian had sent to the press over the last few years. This is to allow the public to see for themselves if the problems/questions regarding our transport system have been addressed and if such almost-annual increase …

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WP Youth Wing elections set new tone for youths in politics

By Choo Zheng Xi It was not so long ago that the single most familiar refrain of opposition politicians was a constant complaint about a ‘climate of fear’ surrounding politics. If the Workers’ Party Youth Wing (WPYW) elections were any gauge, this cloud of fear seems to have largely been dispelled. Held last Sunday at the WP headquarters, the elections …

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Jurong Island Theft: 100kg of Jet fuel additive stolen.

By Bernard I was shocked to see this piece of news in The New Paper and in TODAY (29th December 2006). It is reported that thieves had made off with 100kg of Stadis 450, a jet fuel additive. Stadis 450 is classified as a flammable liquid and hazardous material. The New paper understands that the jet fuel additive was left …

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