Russian PM arrives in China for talks with Xi, business forum

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin arrived in China for a visit, where he will meet President Xi Jinping and sign agreements on infrastructure and trade. China has become Russia’s top energy customer, strengthening their economic cooperation.

While China remains neutral in the Ukraine conflict, its influence over Russia is growing as Moscow faces international isolation.

In countering Russia, the EU should not forget South East Asia

The European Union’s (EU) new strategic action plan to counter the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine focuses on building stronger relationships with Brazil, Chile, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan.

However, Simone Galimberti highlights the surprising exclusion of South East Asia, a crucial region for Europe’s geopolitical ambitions.

Galimberti argues that the EU should prioritize engaging with key countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, considering their strategic relationships with China and the regional tensions in the South China Sea.

A dedicated high-level figure and visits from EU leaders would demonstrate the EU’s commitment to South East Asia’s importance.

China diplomatic offensive lays down new challenge for US

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s diplomatic efforts in Ukraine are not expected to result in breakthroughs, but fears are growing in Washington that China’s actions may increase its credibility on the world stage.

Experts believe that Xi is more interested in being seen as a peacemaker and changing the narrative, rather than actually attaining peace in Ukraine.

However, China’s diplomatic efforts could still have a marginal impact, especially in developing nations where there is less enthusiasm for preserving an “international rules-based order.”

Moscow, Beijing blast Western ‘blackmail and threats’ at G20: statement

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia and China on Thursday criticised the West for employing “blackmail and threats” against other countries, Moscow said following a meeting of the two countries’ foreign ministers at the G20. “A unanimous rejection was expressed of attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, to impose unilateral approaches through blackmail … Read more