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Spare the rod and spoil the child – LTA and the recent MRT breakdown

It has been two weeks since the most severe MRT breakdown in Singapore’s rail history. A total of 55 stations in the North-South and East-West line were affected during peak period, leaving hundreds of thousands of commuters stranded and facing difficulties in getting home. Due to the fact that SMRT is a publicly listed company, it has received additional attention …

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2.5% fare reduction for all – except for when it rises!

After reading the articles ‘Cheaper bus, train rides‘ on The Straits Times website and ‘Public transport fares go down by 2.5% from Jul 3‘ on the Channel NewsAsia website, this is my conclusion: Maths has certainly changed since I was in school. *sigh* How else do you explain this: Fares go down by 2.5%, but (certain) people can expect to …

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The state of our buses – LTA should do more

I refer to the report,  “Only one case of non-compliance” (TODAY April 6) on the Public Transport Council’s review of bus service standards. Every day,  many students and adults rely on both bus and rail  transport to go to school and to work. As fare-paying customers, they have every right to expect the following service standards.  Not just affordable fares and timely arrivals, but also a pleasant …

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Made to pay MRT fare for baby stroller

According to SMRT regulations, children below 90cm in height do not need to pay to ride the MRT. My baby is only 70cm. Does this mean I have to pay the MRT fare for my stroller? Ang Siow Hui, ST Forum

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A fine? Or just a slap on the wrist?

SBS Transit, which runs the majority of bus services here, was fined $4,500. Some of its services were overcrowded, while the waiting times of others were too long. SMRT was fined $100 for one instance in which one of its services was found to be overcrowded. Straits Times

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