Civil activists’ letter of solidarity in support of WP’s Raeesah Khan

Civil activists Rachel Zeng and Sangeetha Thanapal have written a letter of solidarity to express their stance on the current affairs revolving Workers’ Party (WP) Raeesah Khan. In the letter titled “Solidarity with Raeesah Khan”, both activists would like to offer evidence that could support Ms Khan on her statement. The Workers’ Party candidate who … Read more

Change the system to protect victims, not the perpetrators

During this election period, The Online Citizen has created a new editorial series called Welcome to The New A(GE), where we hear from ethnic minority Singaporeans about living in Singapore. Through relating their lived experiences, we hope to reveal what they need, and what needs to change in our society. In the first instalment, we … Read more

For much is at stake


The government’s feeble justifications for passing the Public Order Act (POA) have been roundly and rightly denounced by the Opposition parties and netizens, and I shan’t repeat their indictments here. It is important that you read their responses closely.

Take heed: the POA is not just about maintaining our racial and religious ‘harmony’. Harmony can be maintained, if it must, with the existing laws, as they always have been maintained, with a grip so ironical that one wonders if our vaunted ‘harmony’ even exists.

The POA is also not just about the impending APEC meetings or Youth Olympics and the protesters that accompany these events, for the POA is here to stay.

The POA is about preserving the dominance of the PAP. For this reason, the POA is about us, the citizens.

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