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It’s ok to be scared, PAP, just don’t push it on citizens

By Howard Lee By now, it would have been blatantly obvious to Singaporeans that the ruling People’s Action Party would not field anything close to a B team in Aljunied Group Representative Constituency, let alone a candidate that it feels is of “Ministerial caliber”. The PAP’s traditional conservatism demands it. They have been slowly eroded out of Aljunied GRC over …

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A flyer drop, a political lowblow

By Ariffin Sha I couldn’t help shaking my head when I read the TODAY Report of how PAP ‘activists’ distributed fliers in the middle of the night which bombarded residents of Aljunied GRC with messages against the Workers’ Party. I still clearly recall the robust parliamentary debates between the powers that be and Workers’ Party over the definition of “constructive” politics …

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