Singapore’s MHA calls for TikTok training tender on GeBIZ

SINGAPORE – In a move to better connect with younger audiences, the…

Minister of Home Affairs issues POFMA correction orders to The Online Citizen Asia and Terry Xu

The Minister of Home Affairs (MHA) has instructed the Pofma Office to issue correction directions to The Online Citizen Asia (TOC) and Terry Xu regarding an incident involving police and an elderly woman. The Ministry of Home Affairs stated that the police’s primary aim was to assist the woman. Xu, however, disputes the account and urges the public to view the body-worn camera footage to make up their own minds on the issue.

Ministry of Home Affairs conducting survey on Singapore residents’ attitude towards death penalty

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is conducting a survey to understand the public sentiment on the death penalty from April to June 2023. The survey follows the recent execution of Tangaraju Suppiah, which drew international attention. Renowned tycoon Richard Branson criticized the execution, but MHA defended Singapore’s approach, highlighting its effectiveness. MHA has claimed that engagement with thousands of Singaporeans shows strong support for the death penalty. However, the need for further public input on capital punishment remains puzzling given the existing strong support.

Could MHA have underestimated the influx of ultra-wealthy families into Singapore?

Back in July 2013, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, said that if he could persuade 10 more billionaires to move to Singapore, he would, even if that worsened income inequality. he said, “because [billionaires] bring business, they will bring new opportunities, they will open new doors, they will create new jobs”. Mr. Lee, responding to DBS Group Holdings Chief Executive Piyush Gupta’s remarks at DBS Asia Leadership Dialogue, stated that income inequality is one of the major challenges many countries are currently facing. However, he also emphasised that this does not mean sacrificing economic growth. “If the economy was stagnant, it doesn’t mean everybody’s going to be happy, and it may be equally unequal,” he said

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs refutes reports on 3,500 high-net-worth individuals citizenship applicants as misleading

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has debunked reports suggesting that 3,500 high-net-worth individuals, predominantly from China, are set to gain Singapore citizenship in 2023. These claims, published by Lianhe Zaobao, cited New World Wealth’s head of research, Andrew Amoils. While the MHA deems the report “highly misleading,” the 2022 Global Citizenship Report by Henley & Partners reveals that Singapore, currently ranked fifth among cities with the most millionaires, added 2,800 high-net-worth individuals in 2021. In 2022, the top destinations for net inflows of high-net-worth individuals are expected to include the UAE, Australia, Singapore, Israel, Switzerland, the USA, Portugal, Greece, Canada, and New Zealand.

MHA accuses British billionaire of publicly peddling falsehoods about Singapore, after invitation for live debate with minister was rejected

Full response from Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs on 5 November 2022 to Sir…

3% to 10% increase in pay for 22,000 MHA officers from Jan 2023

SINGAPORE — About 22,000 serving officers for the Ministry of Home Affairs…

Masagos’ reaction to tudung issue seems to be much ado about nothing in light of K Shanmugam’s assurances

Not too long ago, the controversy on the right of Muslim women…

MHA owes the public an explanation as to why it chose to flout the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

by Teo Soh Lung Singapore is a signatory to the Convention on…

TraceTogether data privacy: Can we trust promises and assurances made by Singapore politicians?

Just yesterday, we heard from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that…