ASEAN-plus-three to meet on South China Sea, economic ties

Southeast Asian foreign ministers will meet with their Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean counterparts for ASEAN-plus-three talks. The discussions will focus on economic cooperation and the South China Sea dispute, where China’s territorial claims intersect with those of ASEAN members.

The ongoing crisis in Myanmar and ways to address it will also be on the agenda. Additionally, topics such as health cooperation and economic recovery post-pandemic will be discussed. The meetings aim to strengthen regional ties and promote collaboration in various areas among the participating nations.

Indonesia’s Widodo says no real progress on Myanmar peace plan

Indonesian President Joko Widodo stated that Southeast Asian nations have made “no significant progress” in implementing a peace plan to end the violence in Myanmar during the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit.

Divisions among ASEAN members and the junta’s refusal to engage with opponents have hampered efforts.

The draft of the summit statement reflects the diplomatic challenges in addressing the crisis, and calls for a review of ASEAN’s charter principles.

ASEAN at a ‘crossroad’ as Myanmar violence escalates

Southeast Asian nations are facing a critical moment as violence in Myanmar dominates discussions at a regional summit.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been leading diplomatic efforts to address the crisis, but the junta’s refusal to engage with opposition groups and the recent air strike that killed many people have increased pressure on ASEAN to take stronger action. Critics argue that ASEAN’s previous initiatives have been ineffective, and there are calls for the bloc to cut off the military’s cash flow and push for reform.

The shooting incident targeting an ASEAN convoy in Myanmar further raises the urgency of addressing the situation. However, ASEAN’s limited authority and principles of consensus and non-interference have hindered its ability to take decisive action.

Myanmar crisis to dominate ASEAN leaders summit

The crisis in Myanmar dominates discussions at the ASEAN summit in Indonesia, with calls for an end to violence and condemnation of the junta’s actions.

ASEAN’s efforts to mediate and implement a peace plan have faltered, while global condemnation grows. The worsening crisis poses a threat to ASEAN’s relevance, as other nations take the lead in resolving the situation.

The summit also addresses the South China Sea dispute and East Timor’s membership in the bloc.