Young Singaporean, Damien Koh, stands out with passion for boxing and robotics

Damien Koh, an 18-year old with a passion for boxing and electronics managed to secure early acceptance to on the US’ top ranked university, Northwestern, having stood out in his application essay that highlighted his commitment to boxing, an unusual sport in Singapore. Having spent much of his life on the move, relocating homes seven or eight times, Damien, who …

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Still “time” left to “appropriately revise” proposed POFMA: ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights

There is still time to “appropriately revise” the Protection against Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill before its Second Reading in Parliament this week to ensure that the proposed Act is passed in accordance with international law, said the ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) in Jakarta on Tue (7 May). In its statement on Tue, APHR urged the Singapore government …

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A free press is the platter to our bread-and-butter issues

by Nabilah Husna Tomorrow is UN’s World Press Freedom Day. I want to believe that that announcement would cause a sting of self-awareness among most media consumers in Singapore. But I fear that might be a bit too hopeful. Maybe because ‘press freedom’ doesn’t hit quite the right note in a chorus of other important social issues that are, rightly …

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Dementia-friendly app for seniors to jolt memories with museum-provided content coming to Singapore in 2020

Ms Carol Rogers meticulously pasted Post-It notes on photographs as reminders of important dates such as birthdays for her dementia-stricken mother who was moved into a care facility in 2011. Little did she know that this method would be broadened and adapted to become a digital tool for dementia patients worldwide, including Singapore. On Monday (29 April), Ms Rogers signed …

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