Lim Jialiang

A beer unker at Smith Street Taps and chocolatier at Demochoco.

Emporium Shokuhin forgets that it’s an Emporium

Emporium Shokuhin was opened to great fanfare on level one of Marina Square’s new wing, promising to stand out against the very competitive Japanese restaurants in Singapore. With eight restaurant concepts and a supermarket that promises to ‘sell quality produce at reasonable prices’, we expected a vibrant dining destination, one centred upon the concept of an Emporium. Historically, the concept …

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Foreign workers are not your props, Coca-cola

By Lim Jialiang Quite a few people have been linking me the Coca-cola advertising project done in conjunction with the Singapore Kindness Movement. It’s very slick – the visuals, the editing, the sentimentality involved. In essence, it seems to call on us to value the contributions of foreign workers who have quite literally built our city. I do want to …

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