Getai singer’s beer-chugging act at coffee Shop draws attention

Getai singer’s beer-chugging act at coffee Shop draws attention

SINGAPORE — Customers at a Hougang coffee shop had a blast last week as they enjoyed a lively performance by a passionate “sing-song” (getai) singer, who even impressed them by downing two bottles of beer simultaneously.

In a series of TikTok videos shared last week, recorded at a coffee shop located at Block 684 Hougang St 61, customers can be seen gathered in large numbers, captivated by the getai singer’s performance.

“Come, give Wei Zong a round of applause!” A female emcee was also present to electrify the scene.

The man featured in the video is believed to be a Malaysian getai singer known by the stage name “黑人” Weizong.

Weizong skillfully demonstrated his beer-chugging talents after being handed two bottles, and to add to the spectacle, a woman even playfully attached two fifty-dollar bills to his face.

After consuming the beer, Weizong was visibly soaked in alcohol. The energetic host kept the atmosphere charged, while lively songs played, attracting a large crowd of onlookers.

Following his beer-chugging act, Weizong continued with his performance, and the appreciative audience offered him tissues, red packets, and drinks.

Police investigating after a public complaint received

According to Lianhe Zaobao, the event took place last Monday (12 June) as part of the coffee shop’s anniversary celebration. Other getai artists were also invited to perform at the event.

Although the anniversary celebration had obtained a license, it appears that a complaint was lodged, drawing the attention of the police regarding possible violations of relevant regulations.

The police confirmed receipt of the report and stated that they are currently conducting an investigation.

Mr. Lim, the event organizer, mentioned that they had obtained prior permission but due to limited space and a large crowd, it caught the authorities’ notice.

“It’s probably because the place was overcrowded and it disturbed other diners, affecting their meals, which led to the complaint.”

“However, considering the current situation, we can’t chase away those customers who came to support us.”

He added that they had applied for a license in compliance with the requirements for organising getai events well in advance.

In 2018, the Malaysian getai singer Weizong was reportedly arrested in connection to a video that allegedly showed him chanting gang slogans during a performance in Yishun.

Singapore’s regulations on public performance and alcohol consumption

It is worth noting that in Singapore, the Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Bill prohibits the public to buy alcohol for take-away or consume alcohol at public places from 10.30pm to 7am daily.

Offenders caught consuming alcohol outside during the designated hours may face fines of up to S$1000.

Under the Public Entertainments Act (PEA), unless granted an exemption, any organization intending to offer public entertainment in any publicly accessible location, regardless of whether it is free or involves charges, must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Conduct the event in a venue approved by the police.
  2. Comply with a valid Public Entertainment License (PEL) issued by the police.

Engaging in or assisting with the provision of public entertainment without a PEL is an offence punishable by a fine of up to $20,000 upon conviction.

However, a licence is not required for the listed public entertainment or arts entertainment activities provided the organiser adheres to the exemption conditions.

For instance, events like “sing-song” (getai) and classical instrumental music performances are exempted if they meet conditions such as limited hours of operation, appropriate use of loudspeakers, avoidance of vulgar or obscene content, and notification to the police at least 7 days before the event.

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