Letter writer opines that Marine Parade TC has committed an offence of cruelty to animals

by Georgia Tong

Pet abandonment is considered as cruelty. Thus, if a owner who abandon and release his/her pet at a food center – he/she is deemed to have committed an offend under the law and could be fined up to 15,000 and/or imprisoned for up to 18 months.

The recent case where Marine Parade Town Council (MPTC) gave instruction to abduct/steal 2 cats from a resident, Mdm Tan and later abandoned them by releasing them at Harbour Front food center is an OFFEND. It is pet abandonment – only the offend is committed not by the owner but by MPTC. One of the cat has been found dead. The other still missing, the likelihood of it being also dead is high.

MPTC has committed a very cruel act to both the pet cats and their owner. The cats are dependent on their owner for food and shelter, they must have suffered unimaginable distress to be abandoned at an unfamiliar place and left to fend for themselves. Mdm Tan suffers mental agony of a distorted pet owner searching high and low for her cats for more than 3 weeks. MPTC has made matter worst for Mdm Tan by being evasive and not telling her initially what they have done to her cats.

Animal cruelty is an offend – thus MPTC/staff should be answerable to the law. The Town Council has abused their power by removing the 2 cats without informing the owner or obtaining her consent. They even took Mdm Tan’s cage for their abduction. This is stealing both cage and cats while the owner is not at home!

This is a letter written by a member of public and it does not represent the publication’s view on the matter.