Why is SGX promoting Temasek retail bonds?

I received an email from the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) on Thursday – an invitation to attend a seminar on Temasek’s retail bond.

The retail bond which is being offered by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, was launched on Wednesday (17 Oct). This bond comes with a five-year maturity and a fixed interest rate of 2.7 per cent

Up to $200 million of bonds is offered to retail investors, with $200 million on placement for institutional, accredited and other investors. The T2023-S$ bond is issued under Temasek’s $5 billion Guaranteed Medium Term Note Programme. The offer could be increased to $500 million if the public or placement offer is oversubscribed.

According to public information, SGX is partially owned indirectly by Temasek through its subsidiary – isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Why is there no disclosure?

How can the regulator of the stock market be arguably, bias towards its part-owner by promoting its bonds?

I also believe this is the first time that the frequent emails from SGX to me – is an invitation to attend a seminar promoting a bond’s launch.

Why is SGX doing this?

Who is paying how much for such promotional activity?