We should not pay for foreign scholars education in Singapore

by CT

I am currently a Year 6 student studying in one of the top class in Raffles Junior College. In my class, almost everyone is considered “gifted” by our Singapore education system. Many of my classmates represent Singapore in International Olympiads and Research Competitions and are top scorers of Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Sadly, almost half of my classmates are not Singaporeans. Most of them are foreign scholars that received grants and scholarships from MOE to study in Singapore.

I don’t understand why the Ministry of Education (MOE) are paying so much of our taxpayers’ money to fund foreigner’s education and get them to study in our top institutions. The cost of tuition fees, accommodation and monthly allowance is exorbitant.

It would be parochial to believe that we can depend on those foreigners to lead our workforce and economy.

Most of them have no intention to stay in Singapore after completing their A Levels. Those foreign scholars are extremely academic driven, and given our world-class education, they can easily enter top universities in United Kingdom or United States. Furthermore, why would they stay in Singapore after completing their studies when they can find better opportunities in more developed countries?
After all, would you want to work at one-north or Silicon Valley?

MOE should stop getting foreign scholars to study in our top institutions. We need to give our sons and daughters of Singapore the best education, so that they can contribute to our country. It is unrealistic to depend on foreign scholars.

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